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Setup of the Mystic BBS system in an LXC Container Begin's

The Setup of the Mystic BBS system in an LXC container begins. I am following “The Mystic Guy” videos on understanding the BBS system and along the way i am working on a howto on installing the system in an Debian 11 LXC container with Systemd start-scripts and popper configuration for running as unprivileged user with scripts to handle all the maintenance tasks like creating empty log-files with date in it and re-linking them to the standard name for ex. mutil.yyyymmdd.log → mutil.log that is handled by an mis event at midnight. integration with fail2ban. At the moment searching a way to extract performance data form mystic to export to grafana ….

i just want to get all the background task list sorted out before i look into finishing the config in the BBS itself.


  • Monitoring (Zabbix)
  • Metrics (Prometheuse/Grafana)
  • Proxmox Backup Server (Fujitsu Futro s900 with pci raid card for external 8 disk case still searching)
  • sms notifications (via usb gsm and smsd server)
  • …..
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